Phoenix Nasturtium Flower Seeds

$ 4.50

An unusual, ivy-leaved nasturtium reminiscent of a once-popular variety that fell out of circulation early last century. The serrated petals look just like flames! According to legend, a phoenix bird lives for 500 years before it bursts into flame only to be born anew from its own ashes. Sometimes, like the phoenix, a crop variety will disappear from seed catalogs and then just as suddenly reappear–thanks to the work of seed savers who protect plant diversity despite the whims and dictates of fashion. Seed catalogs in the 1800s sold a nasturtium with ivy-shaped leaves and serrated petals in fiery colors. Out of circulation for nearly a century, it has returned to us–in all its flaming glory–through the genes found in Phoenix Nasturtium. Makes an exceptional container plant. The leaves and flowers are edible! Use them in salads and other culinary delights for a bright and peppery pop of flavor. Grows 10-12” high with a cascading, creeping habit.