Discover & Create a More Fulfilled Life, 12-Week ONLINE Course, Begins Jan 21, 2021

$ 375.00

This course was created to help you figure out what matters to you most by accessing what is hidden below the surface, letting go of the things that aren't serving you, creating a clear vision and creating actionable steps once you've achieved that clarity of purpose.

Over A 12-Week Period You Will Learn:

- Who You Are
- What You Value
- What Your Dreams Are
- What You Need to Let Go Of
- Why It Matters
- How To Bring It All Together

Like Gather's in-person classes, this online course has been lovingly created to inspire and teach in a thoughtful and accessible way.

The course includes:

6 online learning modules, 6 curated book club selections, accompanying journal prompts, a comprehensive PDF workbook, 3 live group zoom chats/discussions with Michelle, and year-long access to the course for re-watching and reviewing.

This Online Course Runs from January 21st-April 8th, 2021

There are Limited Spots Available
It is Only Offered Once A Year
Registration Ends December 15th

Sign Up Before November 23rd and Get $50 Off
with code: DISCOVER

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