Pay It Forward Future Class

$ 38.00

Because Gather rents the building that we are in, and we in turn rent out 7 private offices to emerging businesses, all of which will be and are impacted by closures and cash flow, I'd like to offer something to help supplement this for them.

By purchasing this "Pay it Forward Future Class", you are earmarking these funds to go toward offering subsidized rent to my tenants (based on the amount that is collected through this offering). Ideally, I can sell 65 of these individual classes to cover one month's rent but will take what I can get. I will donate 100% of the funds and my time (after material cost) to that purpose and teach a future class to a group(s) of you.

I have also made it so that you can:

* Purchase 1 for $38 vs $42 regular price
* Purchase 2 (one for you and a friend) at a discount of $75 vs $84.
* Purchase 5 for $175 vs $210
* Purchase 10 for $400 vs $420.
* Purchase 14 for $525 vs $588

If you have a company or group of friends this can be a fun future outing/event to plan when the situation clears to celebrate getting together again and boost morale.

See this list of classes that can be offered: