Skin Care Kits for Healthcare Workers from Good Juju Herbal

In the past weeks we’ve received tons of sweet DMs and emails about the products helping your skin during the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve also seen so many of you sending our bar soap or Essential Salve to someone you love in healthcare, with a sweet note hoping it would work for them as it had worked for you (see ya later cracked dry hands), the do-er in me finally had an idea on how to help. Let's donate product!

The hope is to keep healthcare workers hand AND spirits in tact during this scary time.

We so far have sent out 200+ kits to local NC hospitals (UNC, Duke, WakeMed, Catawba Hospital, etc.). During the first round of kits being sent out we received tons of questions about how to get involved or help us donate more kits. We came up with two options, you give or we donate.


You add a kit(s) to your order and leave the note DONATE at checkout. We will then add your purchased kit(s) to our kits to send out to healthcare providers across the U.S. We are working to send these kits directly to nurses, doctors, nurse managers, etc. to give to employees who need it. If you select donate we will REFUND THE SHIPPING from the kits and we will take care of the rest. We will also update you as to where your kit(s) were donated!


You can order the kits and keep the them to hand out to the healthcare workers in your life! Please leave the note GIVING so we know to send the kits in your order.


-One 2oz Good JuJu Bar Soap
-One 1oz Essential Salve
-One handwritten thank you note healthcare workers.
-One reusable bag

Product wise this kit would normally retail for 12.75. We have decided to sell them at cost in hopes that together we can give to those who are on the front lines of COVID-19. This is running on the honor system so please, if you order to give, give to someone who needs it.