Social Distancing Necklace by Metamorphosis Metals, Raleigh

$ 0.00

Like many of you I've been sitting anxiously around wondering what I can do to help out during these crazy times. Also, like many of you, I've found myself screaming "Stay the F@#K at Home" at least 5 times a day at people who refuse to social distance. So I came up with the idea for these charm necklaces. They come in an uncensored, censored, and polite (stay home save lives) version for those who haven't started yelling obscenities at their phones yet.

House charms are fabricated from square copper stock, and discs have been punched from copper sheet and hand stamped. Because most of my suppliers are shut down the chains on these will be made from assorted scrap lengths that have been soldered together. Each one will be unique and will contain at least two styles of chain. Chains will measure between 17-18 inches.

$20 from the sale of each necklace will be donated to the following charities-

$10 to the NC Artist Relief Fund- which is supporting NC artists and creatives that have lost income due to event cancellations, gallery closures, etc because of Covid-19

$10 to the NCHF Covid-19 Healthcare Hero Response Fund- which is partnering with local restaurants to provide meals to healthcare who are on the front lines caring for patients during the pandemic