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Shop Local, Support Emerging Makers, Inspire & Create Community, Work With Your Hands, Never Stop Learning, Love Your Neighbors, Elevate the Everyday™

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Cactus, 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Soy Wax Candles, Scented, 8oz, 40 Hour Burn Time

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Hand Ring

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Infinity Ring

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Hanging Plant Holder

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Pay It Forward Future Class

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Gather's Mission:
Helping others discover and create a beautiful, inspired life through curated experiences, community, conversation, and design.™

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Online Shop:
Our online shop is based in the Raleigh, North Carolina area featuring gifts for the home, self & garden. We are focused on goods that celebrate the beautiful in the everyday.

Our passion is showcasing modern goods by emerging makers: home & garden goods, holistic bath & body products, food gifts, candles, jewelry and more, a lot of which are made by North Carolina artisans. In addition we create our own line of gift products that are for sale in the shop. We also host food, craft, gardening and business classes.



Gather Goods Co

Notes of Encouragement

For many of us, this time of enforced social distancing and quiet (or maybe less quiet with kids underfoot) time at home feels uncertain and overwhelming as we await what it means for our jobs, our bills, our food, our schools, the economy, ourselves, our loved ones, the world at large. Despite the fear, there […]

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Rustic Tomato Galette Recipe

Here’s a recipe for a pulled-together with what’s on hand tomato galette that we made last night. It’s very “rustic” meaning it doesn’t look super pretty, but it’s easy and tastes good. I encourage everyone to look into their local farmers and CSA’s who have plenty of produce to deliver right now straight to your […]

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A Beautiful Distraction: Cakes!

I love to save images of beautifully decorated cakes and since I feel like we could all use a little distraction these days, I’ve decided to round-up some of those images and share them here. Growing up my mom used to make me elaborately decorated birthday cakes and when I would go to sleep I […]

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