Vegan Recipes from Japan

$ 32.95

This is more than a cookbook of Japanese cuisine. Malte Härtig is an expert in Japanese Kaseki cuisine. Today the term is used for a special style of a light multi-course menu consisting of 7-10 different courses in a Japanese restaurant. It is a particularly light meal that is strictly vegetarian in accordance with its origin from the Zen philosophy. Particular care is taken in the selection of ingredients and prepared in such a way that their own taste is emphasized. The food and techniques are simple and light, nourish body and soul, and open up a new perspective on cooking and how we deal with food. The accompanying text illuminates the cultural background of the recipes and tells entertaining stories from the land of the rising sun. When a philosopher and trained chef team up with a gardener and food photographer, you can expect something special. (hardback, 250 pages, full color)