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Discover the vibrant tapestry of talents within our coworking studio.

Each of our talented community members brings their own unique flair. From local entrepreneurs crafting one-of-a-kind artisanal goods to visionary creators offering services meant to inspire and serve you, our members embody a spectrum of creativity and innovation.

Support local businesses and explore our curated collection of treasures while embracing the spirit of meaningful collaboration.

Kerry Lett

Kerry is the Registered Dietitian, Certified Lactation Counselor, and owner of Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition. She is passionate about helping growing families navigate life and achieve all of their milestones along the way. Kerry works with women who are trying to conceive, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children to help manage medical conditions, tackle picky eating, and establish a good family relationship with food.

Natalie Jarrett

Natalie is the Lactation Consultant at Milestones Pediatric & Maternal Nutrition. She loves helping parents achieve their feeding goals. Natalie works with mothers and their infants to navigate supply issues, latch issues, and weight gain struggles. No breastfeeding journey is the same, so Natalie is here to help you navigate this new milestone. Together, we can come up with a feeding plan for your infant that addresses your specific goals and situation.

Kathryn Nichole Chappell

Kathryn Nichole Chappell combines candle craft and astrology in her studio at Gather Goods. Kathryn lives in Cary, is a mother of 3 young boys, and is trained in healing arts practices and massage therapy. Her launch of StellaTerra Candle Co invites you to create a reflective and grounding space with hand-poured, clean burning candles. Drawing inspiration from the stars, StellaTerra candles are the perfect way to slow down your senses, infuse your home with natural scents, and connect to cosmic energy.

Valerie Contreras

Valerie is a a mom of 2 and an Early Childhood Educator. She's worked in a variety of educational settings such as Montessori, Special Education, and Play-Based learning. Valerie curates a collection of children's toys that sparks wonder, encourage development, empower exploration, and bring beauty and magic into your homes and play spaces. She looks carefully at every product and vendor to make sure that they align with her core values, including environmentalism, supporting small and local business, ethical labor practices, and a focus on women and/or diverse entrepreneurs.

Alicia Sandve

Alicia's mission with HEYMAEVE is to use her business as a platform to touch lives, empower women through community and give back to causes dear to her heart — particularly non profit organizations that work for sexual assault survivors. HEYMAEVE is a platform to build a community of women who support and empower one another.

Holly Moore

Holly is a therapist that works with individuals and couples from the perinatal through parenting stages of life! She prioritizes the client and therapist relationship through  relatable, practical, and  connected approaches.  Processes are incorporated into each session that are meant to reduce anxiety and depression as well as increase her clients goals in their wellness journey. As a previous school psychologist, Holly specializes in neurodiversity including ADHD and ASD. She is EMDR trained, and supports integration of the mind and body connection. All of this, with a sprinkling of humor and a dose of compassion!

Kristyn Sewell

Kristyn is a motivated and detail-oriented bookkeeper with 20+ years of experience in maintaining financial records and ensuring compliance with accounting standards. She is proficient in Quickbooks Online, and skilled in accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting, and payroll processing.

Hourglass Virtual Services

Liz Chavez

Liz is a stepmom and mom of 3, an English as a Second language teacher and children's literature expert. Inspired by her education, children, students, and life experiences, she has curated an inclusive children's book selection that aims to represent a wide variety of ways of being and living. All people deserve to see themselves in a book! Liz also shares about inclusive reading, parenting, and living on her Instagram account @mrschavezreads!