What We Believe:
Shop Local, Support Emerging Makers, Inspire & Create Community, Work With Your Hands, Never Stop Learning, Love Your Neighbors, Elevate the Everyday

What Inspires You About Gather?
We asked our community of Instagram followers what inspires them about Gather. Here are some of their responses:

Building Community & Local Artists

  • That it is a shop focused entirely on community and supports local artists
  • How community centered it is and how it aspires to help the local community by supporting local artists
  • Gather’s connection with the community and your commitment to growing and supporting local makers.
  • It’s so encouraging (as a local business myself) that Gather not only recognizes local artists but makes them the highlights of their business!
  • Love the creative community that Gather creates
  • Gather is a beautiful, inspired, creative hub!
  • Creativity and community
  • Gather helps raise awareness of local artists while promoting a more connected community.
  • I’m inspired by the love of community and local artists that Gather shows!
  • Gather truly improves our community by helping local artists.
  • I’m inspired by how Gather supports local artists which vastly helps the community here in North Carolina.

The Shop

  • I love Gather for its heart for creatives and the push to buy local
  • Gather curates an assortment of beautiful objects made by artisans that makes life have a connected meaning with the goods we interact with on a daily basis. It’s bridging the gap between consumers and the makers
  • Gather has the perfect atmosphere to inspire creativity! I love seeing all the cool and fun pieces art designed by local artisans! I’ve found so many great gifts and am encouraged to be creative every time I stop by.
  • Gather’s love of nature and hand crafted items inspires me, also their support of local craftsmen and women.
  • What inspires me the most about Gather is the simple beauty found in such natural, made-with-love products.
  • Gather’s beautiful collection of home wares and furniture
  • Gather’s selection of curated objects for the home that make it the most special place to be, and the light, easy, breezy styling of those products.

A Welcoming, Nature-Inspired Retreat

  • Gather is such a welcoming environment and so inclusive.
  • Love the natural look that the products have and the beautiful art throughout the store.
  • All of the incredibly talented artists/creators whose work is so beautifully displayed. It makes it such a peaceful, happy space!
  • Gather inspires me because in the middle of a quaint and quiet downtown sprung an adorable place called Gather: a place to support our local artists, learn ways to integrate ourselves in our community, and drink a perfect coffee
  • What inspires me about Gather is how community focused it is! Not only is it a comfortable and ambient shop with wonderful coffee, it supports local artists by selling their beautiful artwork in store!
  • Shopping local and an inviting, neighborly atmosphere inspires me to visit Gather over and over.
  • I love writing and just sitting in Gather with tea surrounded by all of the inspiring art.

Friendship & Bringing People Together

  • I love how Gather brings people together.
  • That it is a place my sister and I can always meet, catch up, and be surrounded by great art.
  • I love the fact that gather focuses on friendship; spending good quality time with good quality people in such a beautiful shop!
  • Gather values friendship and the importance of spending quality time with friends in such a comfortable and cozy shop!
  • That it is a space a space where creatives can meet and work together, and be encouraged and inspired.


  • Gather’s posts are so encouraging and everyone at Gather is so supportive of one another; such a nurturing environment where everyone truly wants each other to succeed.
  • The feeling of the store inspires me to be me.
  • Gather shows you that all those things you want to do and make are not impossible. It also gives you access to resources and a like minded community that can help inspire you to follow through on those things!
  • Gather continually inspires me to continue creating, especially on the days I don’t feel like it. Design is something that must be practiced and I am never left disappointed when seeing what Gather is putting out into the world.


  • The coffee. It’s always the coffee. (I also like the classes, but you can’t do classes if you haven’t been properly caffeinated.
  • Delicious coffee and beautiful shop
  • Gather is my go-to place for coffee when I need a quiet moment to get away from work.
  • Three of my favorite things combined- coffee, community, and creativity
  • The world needs more gathering spaces where community, creativity and of course coffee collide.
  • Gather is the perfect place to get my projects done and to be inspired. The artisan goods are beautiful + the coffee is delicious!


  • Gather inspires me to lead a more meaningful, thoughtful life.
  • Gather inspires me to enjoy the sweet moments. And to make life beautiful!
  • Gather inspires me to be my own kind of different and to be myself.
  • Gather inspires me to be more conscious about what and where I buy and decorate my house with.
  • Community, and a desire to make the world a more positive place
  • I am inspired by how Gather, and every person you highlight, genuinely seems to love what they do. They love their place in the world. I love that. It’s not complacency but living. You’re all living life by your rules. That’s inspiring for anyone.


  • I am inspired by the beautiful design aspect of Gather. It’s such a beautiful community and so down to earth.
  • The colors and design of Gather are inspiring. Everything creates this clean, happy, cozy feeling like being with good friends and family.
  • love Gather’s simple yet eclectic style
  • The photos Gather takes are phenomenal
  • I love going into Gather and just seeing all the beautiful fonts and gathering ideas and inspiration.


  • I am inspired by Gather’s community of makers supporting each other’s dreams and creative visions.
  • Gather’s Instagram page is packed with inspiring and beautiful photos for decor!
  • When I discovered Gather, I was awestruck! It’s such an inspiring space with beautiful, artisan goods and amazing coffee and I love how Gather inspires creativity.
  • I am inspired by the incredible daily dose of inspiration for the community of makers and creatives through eclectic and beautiful stories Gather creates.


  • I find things out about my state that i didn’t know before
  • Gather inspires me to shop local by showcasing and reminding me of the beautiful talent surrounding us.
  • Gather is a a joyful reminder of all the beautiful talent right here in NC!
  • Gather is such a beautifully creative shop that has now inspired me to seek out new places, support small businesses, and to become a more artistic individual.